Chosen provides financial, mentoring and outreach resources for adoptive families, foster and orphan care, as well as advocates for orphaned children who need homes. Our purpose is to help children come into families, provide direct orphan care to those who are not adopted, and educate the community about the local and global orphan crisis. Our goal is to help children be placed in loving, permanent homes and provide care for those who are unadoptable. We are working to transform the world of sports, from one that competes for ourselves, to a culture that says “competing for someone else’s victory is far more fulfilling than racing for ourselves!”

So, who are “we”? Our Chosen Race Planning Team is made up of volunteers who plan year-round to make race day a tremendous success. Our Race Team believes in Chosen’s mission to provide financial support for adoptive families through the means of sporting events. From website design to race day music, we have been tremendously blessed to have people donate their abundant gifts & resources to advance the vision of Chosen and make race day happen.

Chosen has a ministry partnership with ABBA Fund, which has provided more than $4.8 million in financial assistance to adoptive families since 2004.  The ABBA Fund team provides guidance and financial accountability to our operations, and manages the application and approval process for our benefiting families.

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