Chosen has a race event that offers fundraising opportunities for specific projects that benefit orphans and foster children around the world. Click HERE to understand how to use a Chosen event to fundraise for an orphan care or foster care project.

  • it a specific project that helps orphans or foster children;
  • it will be completed by a 501c3 organization;
  • the associated 501c3 organization is able to provide a completed Chosen Application; and
  • at least one individual associated with the project is participating in the Chosen Race as a runner or volunteer.
  • first, clicking HERE to download our application if you are new to Chosen (Note: if you are an organization who has applied to Chosen or ABBA Fund in the past, please contact use HERE)
  • second, submitting the application to
  • a Chosen representative will contact you within 7 days of receiving the application; and
  • the project for which you are fundraising should be specific, as we are not able to support fundraising for general operating expenses for other 501c3 organizations.

Orphan Care Projects: 

Grant determined by total team registrations, financial need, number of children affected, and strength of impact

  • TBRI or other trauma informed care training
  • Building/expansion needs
  • De-instiutionalizing a setting
  • Playgrounds
  • Literacy, school books and educational materials

Foster Care Groups:
our primary goal is assisting foster families to meet unexpected financial needs

  • Family needs to hire outside attorney
  • Matching “grant” fund for home studies
  • Additional trauma informed care training for families
  • Childcare provision for foster parent training

For questions about forming at team, please email

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